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Institutional investors invest in commercial real estate because it offers conservative, secured investment opportunities that produce an excellent source of passive income. High net worth individuals invest in commercial real estate investments to add multiple sources of revenue streams to their wealth plan, and to exponentially increase their overall net worth through the appreciation and tax benefits offered by commercial real estate investing.  

By bringing together individual accredited investors, Cornerstone Investments offers the opportunity for individuals to achieve the same purchasing power and benefits afforded to private equity and large institutional buyers of commercial real estate.   

Each investor has a member interest in the "Property" LLC that is based on their invested capital, and their investment is secured by real estate. Each equity position in a specific property is offered through a Private Placement Memorandum. Through this SEC compliant strategy Cornerstone Investments provides the acquisition, operating and disposition expertise while offering investors the opportunity to become a capital partner and passively participate in the benefits of owning large commercial real estate properties without the day-to-day operational responsibilities.  

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